Spider Flower


Stitches – US Terms

MR Magic Ring

Ch Chain

Sl St Slip Stitch

Round 1

Make a MR, ch 10 and Sl St back into the MR, do this 9 more times
(10 ch 10 spaces, 10 Sl St)

Cut yarn and fasten ends, done! A simple one round flower, hope you enjoyed it.


© 2018 crochetbypani Anna Hidesjö If you choose to use my paern in content published in social media, remember to credit me by linking to either my Facebook page or Instagram. You can also tag me using either @crochetbypani or #crochetbypani, so I can see your lovely creaons. You are not allowed to copy my paern or take parts of my paern and claim them as your own. You are not allowed to sell my paern or items that were made using my paern. You are allowed to give away items that were made using my paern, if you credit me, crochetbypani, as the creator of the paern. Keep in mind that designing paerns takes a lot of me and effort, so please respect these rules! HUGS!


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25 år, bosatt i cafestaden med min sambo, våran dotter Rut och den tokiga mopsen Molly!

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